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Common queries.

  1. What level of quality should I expect from CSJW The Word?

    The best. All of our contributors are native English speakers with high levels of academic qualifications. The editorial process ensures that each article meets the customers' expectations in terms of spelling, grammar, and punctuation. Our name depends on the excellence of our service.

  2. Will I own the work that I buy?

    That depends. If you ask for full rights then you will own it completely, and we will no longer list the work; it will be yours. If you buy the work for unique usage then we'll still own it but we won't list it, or sell it to anyone else. Finally, if you pay for usage rights then we'll own it and have the right to sell it to other people.

  3. Is your content unique?

    Yes. All of our work is totally unique. Search engine providers are demanding original content, so anything that isn't the real deal is going to struggle in future. Everything we do is 100% genuine, and not copied.

  4. What is the 2 pence per word surcharge?

    Some articles take a lot more research than others. Writing time can also increase for larger products. The 2 pence per word surcharge is put in place to account for the extra workload. You will be advised as to whether the charge will be included before you agree to a price.

  5. What is the turnaround time for an article?

    This depends on the customer and the type of request. For complex topics and large pieces the turnaround time will be quoted on a case by case basis. For simple, shorter articles, the turnaround time can be a matter of days.

  6. Do you do bulk orders?

    We do offer recurrent services, but currently we do not do bulk orders. Many customers require writers to write five or more articles per day, but here we focus on well researched and well written content. We deal in quality over quantity.

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